Jacob Allers-Hatlie first started doing Bikram Yoga in late 2015.  He didn’t have much of a background in yoga or exercise, but was trying to quit smoking. It helped take away the cravings. He went a couple times a week, and eventually it became a new, healthier habit.  He loved how intensely it would feel physically and emotionally within the 90 minute class, and how when it was all over, it felt like sure progress was made.


What kept Jacob coming back was the tight community that surrounds this method of yoga.  He believes practice never ends: once a beginner, no matter how long you’ve been practicing, always a beginner.

In 2018 Jacob completed a 500-hour training with Yoga Factory in the Primary 26+2 series. He taught briefly in Minnesota at his home studio, Minneapolis Yoga, and now teaches ay Yoga Factory Pittsburgh.




3418 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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