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Initially a skeptic, Kara first tried yoga in 2009 and was surprised to see immediate improvement in her overall well-being. She became a dedicated student in 2012 when she challenged herself and her worldview through peak yoga postures. However, it was the yin side of yoga, with its toolbox of mindfulness techniques, that she brought into her home practice. Meditation was the key that turned Kara into a true yoga believer. In 2016, Kara took her study to the next level with a 200-hour RYT training at Charm City/YogaWorks that grounded her teaching in a well-rounded vinyasa style. Later, she deepened her experience in yin yoga at the Asheville Yoga Center. Now, as a federal scientist by day and yoga teacher by night, Kara offers time for reflection in her classes to hold space for students to discover their self-care routine.