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Backward Bending in Yoga

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

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My teacher Mary Jarvis always says "All backward Bending Heals the Spine." She is an authority on this. She used her yoga practice to recovery from a crippling car accident much to the surprise of her doctors. I have seen this happen over and over again in students over the years. When you start to really move your spine, you get better!

Backward bending can be scary, though. We get told things when we are young, like "don't drop your head back all the way... you'll hurt yourself, or you'll pass out!" In yoga class, though, moving mindfully, we create the opportunity to explore our bodies and go beyond these common misconceptions.

Keys to Success in Backward Bending

- Lift Before you Stretch! The more space you create the better.

- Stay out of you Lower Back! The goal is to access the entire spine.

We spend the majority of our lives forward bending, especially now with smart phone and computers running our lives!

Backward bending relieves back pain, keeps the spine healthy, lubricates the discs, opens up the chest and shoulders, and energizes the entire body!

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