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Balancing in Yoga Class

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

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We do a ton of one legged balancing in yoga classes. It helps build body awareness and it instantly creates a connection between the body and mind. It can be super challenging at the beginning to figure it out, though. Babies aren't born walking around! They have to learn that and they work their little butts off to do it. They try and they try and they try until they figure it out. It's the same thing when you start to try to balance on one leg! It takes practice.

Here are some tips to help you as you start to figure it out!

- Keep your bodyweight forward in the ball of your foot and your big toe. This can be tough at the beginning, you might even feel a cramp in the arch of your foot as you start to strengthen those muscles. Most new students tend to roll back into their heel or onto the side of their foot. That's just the body trying to compensate, but it makes it much harder to balance.

- Keep your thigh contracted so much that your kneecap actually lifts up! (this is a great reason to wear shorts in class, so you can actually see your kneecap in the mirror). Some studios still refer to this as "locking your knee". That's shorthand for "keep your thigh contracted, keep your kneecap lifted, keep pressing the ball of your foot into the floor, and contract your glute so your whole leg is active."

If you can maintain that muscle contraction, keep the weight forward in the toes it will be much easier to build your balance as you start out in your practice. It also helps build strength in your kne

es, ankles, hips and arches. Your body starts to understand how the muscles actually support the bone structure and you'll feel more supported, lighter, more energized in everything that you do!

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