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The Set-Up is the Key!

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

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Have you heard any of your teachers say this yet? It's absolutely true. The set-up for each posture holds the fundamental building blocks for the posture itself. If you think of it like the foundation of a house... If the foundation is shaky, the house might not last! Sometimes if you are just starting out or perhaps healing from an injury, the set-up might be all you can do. And that's okay! You have already started the posture, just by getting the set-up right. Once you understand this and start to really focus on the set-up, your postures will become easier to maintain and they'll even start to be fun!

Triangle pose is a great example of how the set-up informs the posture:

- The wide step (approximately 5 feet) is the first "step". Your feet should be right under your hands.

- Hips forward, Arms back! This step helps open the chest and rib-cage and make space in the upper body.

- Inhale, Chest Up! (everyone skips this) The lifted chest again helps create space, and the inhale will help maintain the form as you move into the posture.

- Turn your foot out, bend your knee and site down. If you stepped out wide enough at the beginning, when you bend your knee you'll create a 90 degree angel in the leg.

- Flips palms to face the mirror. Pretty simple. But you have to keep stretching the arms apart. This might be tricky if you have tight neck and shoulders!

- Turn your head and touch your chin to your shoulder. This can be the hardest part! Again, if you have a tight neck you'll feel it here. It will also help to open up and relieve any tension that has built up in that area.

When the set-up is done right... All you have to do is pivot the upper body ("move both arms at the same time

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