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Which Yogi are you?

Being a "yogi" means a lot of different things depending on who you ask.

To us being a yogi just means being human and living with consciousness and intention.

Also, after over a decade of experience in the Pittsburgh yoga scene we feel like we have a pretty good idea of how to best offer a yoga practice to you.

So the question is which Yogi are you?

All Access Pass (aka The Focused Yogi) You are a driven person with specific life goals in mind. You understand that taking personal responsibility for your health and wellness is not just a good idea, but also a personal obligation! You do what you say you're gonna do. You're willing make a regular practice a priority in your life. You practice 2 or more times per week. If this is you, check out our All Access Pass:

  • Only $89 per month if purchased while on your intro ($105 after)

  • NO Commitment, NO Extra Fees

  • Include Perks! (retail discounts, exclusive workshops, kids class discounts, buddy passes and more)

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Factory Fiver (aka The Busy Yogi) You get the responsibility of personal health and love feeling great from your yoga practice. But life is busy with your spouse, your kids, your job, your school, crushing Stranger Things on Netflix, or updating your Match profile. We get it :) You also know that your yoga practice makes you a better you. Better at all the other responsibilities that you have. And feeling more grounded and stress free - even if you can only get 1 class a week in. You usually practice 1x per week and always at least a 2x per month. If this is you the perfect pass would be our Factory Fiver:

  • 5 class for only $75 (save $5 per class vs drop in)

  • Your pass auto replenishes every 3 months OR when you use up your 5 classes (which ever comes first) so you can just focus on your practice

  • No commitment. No Extra Fees. Opt out anytime with 15 days notice.

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10 Class Card (aka The Straight Shooter Yogi)

You like to keep things simple and get your yoga in when you can.

Your practice frequency is unpredictable, on occasion you have to be away from your favourite yoga studio (Yoga Factory :) ) for work or other life commitments.

If this is you grab 10 classes straight up. No expiration on your classes. $160.

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