I started practicing in 2003 and after that first crazy class swore I wouldn’t return. But something brought me back. Again and again. Every day. Sometimes twice a day. I knew that the 90 minutes I spent in class was changing how I felt physically and mentally. After my teacher training, one of our yoga students asked me about becoming an aide for a child with severe disabilities in our local school. I said no, just as I had about this yoga, but somehow I walked into that classroom and once again fell in love. After teaching children on the autism spectrum for a number of years, I combined my passions and created Yoga Monsters, a yoga program for kids in 2013. As teachers, we talk about how one shape-shifts in the yoga room. I believe that. Physically, mentally, energetically you discover your true self on your mat. 


3418 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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