Your Yoga Journey Starts at Yoga Factory

We believe yoga is for everyone. Even if you've never done yoga or other forms of exercise before, come as you are! You will practice in a welcoming environment with instructors who look forward to leading you toward a healthier, happier version of YOU.

Studio Expectations

Tips for First Time Students

  • Drink lots of water! Try to drink at least 1-2 liters of water during the day of/evening before class. Especially if you're attending our Original Hot 90 Class, your first class will involve getting used to the heated room. Adequate hydration will help significantly. Eventually, you won't need water for class. If you focus on stillness and breath, you won't need anything else distracting you.

  • Refrain from eating for 1-2 hours before class. Light snacks, fruits, vegetables are recommended if you need something before you practice.
  • Wear snug-fitting, light weight clothing. Sport tops, tank tops, yoga shorts are recommended for women, and yoga/workout shorts or swimsuits are recommended for men.

Before Your Class

  • We are open 30 minutes before and after each class. Our classes begin on time, and we unfortunately cannot admit latecomers. New students should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their first class so there is enough time to register and get you settled in the yoga room.

  • Please bring your own mat, towel, water, shower towel, and any toiletries you need for after your class, and a change of clothes. Mats, towels, and water are available for rent/purchase. Come with a positive attitude and an open mind, too!
  • Come to class with clean body, clean feet, and avoid perfumes or scented ointments (Tiger Balm, etc.).
  • Leave shoes in the lobby and personal belongings in the locker rooms. We have plenty of storage space for these items and they are a distraction in the yoga room.

During Your Class

  • Remain in the yoga room for the entire duration of your yoga class. You are always welcome to take breaks and catch your breath. This will feel less intense than leaving the room.

  • If you have to leave the room (emergencies only), leave and return in between postures, and wait and return to class between postures
  • Limit your postures to what's being instructed. Please do not substitute postures in your class being taught with postures from other types of yoga during class.
  • Please align your mat so that others around you can see themselves and the instructor, and if you are practicing in the front row, make sure students that are behind you can see themselves in the mirror. If you are in the front row, remember you serve as an example to others behind you.
  • Please wear appropriate clothing, nothing revealing, in the yoga room.
  • Practice stillness in your postures and in between, and refrain from conversation while class is in session. We have plenty of lobby space for you to socialize after class!

After Your Class

  • Exit the room quietly and respect the others who choose to remain in a longer Savasana.
  • Take all of your belongings with you! Yoga Factory is not responsible for lost or stolen items. A Lost & Found will be maintained, with left items discarded after one week.
  • Be respectful of all teachers and students you encounter. This is an all-inclusive environment.
  • Hydrate well, and get ready to come back to class tomorrow! We are conveniently attached to Pittsburgh Juice Company, providing fresh, cold-pressed juice and healthy snacks every day.


3418 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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