Student Testimonials
Don't just take our word for it. Read about the many reasons why Yoga Factory is the best place to invest in for better health, a better you.

“I've loved what Bikram has provided me with.

I've been doing hot yoga since I was a teenager off and on...The benefits are wonderful especially when trying to increase flexibility as I am not a naturally flexible person.

This has also helped me with my back/shoulder/pinched nerve issue that I've been dealing with for a couple of months.”

E. Patterson


"THANK YOU to...

Yoga Factory for being so welcoming and helpful to me as a new student. I was really worried that my need to modify the poses would limit me from getting the full benefits of the practice--but each time I come in, I feel stronger... I love challenging myself during each class.

My husband has also noticed a difference in my muscle tone/ definition... I think the best indication of my progress is that each night after I take a class, I walk out with absolutely no pain in my left knee. This is coming from someone that has had to take a MINIMUM of 800 mgs of Ibuprofen just to get through the day."

M. Rietzel


"It's so good to be


I am beginning to feel normal again thanks to this practice, and though I must just take it one day at a time it is my hope to continue indefinitely."

J. Young


"Words can't express how rewarding Bikram is to my life... Bikram for me = less anxiety, less fear, a strong core/ spine, and gets me more in touch with my inner spirit. It has become my foundation that makes everything else around my life better. Can't seem to put an exact science or algorithm to it all but it just works for me. It inspires me to want to self-improve on many different avenues in my life like fitness, career development and most of all, just be an overall better person. The return on investment is exponentially in my favor. The staff has been very helpful and courteous... There's a great positive energy/vibe in that studio."

P. Keough


"I see now why so many people rave about yoga... There are people in these classes that have had surgeries or injuries of all sorts, and even women that are expecting yet the positions they can physically manage are amazing... I now try to tell everyone that will listen not only should they take yoga for ultimate health but they should go to this particular facility...

Since taking classes at Yoga Factory, I have not been to the chiropractor, my energy level has greatly improved, and my overall health is incredible. Quite a number of classes are offered... there is definitely something for everyone!"




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